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Land Survey

Things are progressing along nicely for our land purchase! We are now in the middle of getting a land survey complete. It should have already been done, but we ran into some challenges. The main challenge we faced was that the man we paid to organize the land survey decided to not hire a surveyor […]

Prospective Land Found

We have found approximately 20 acres of land in Mayuge District! We are working on the details of the agreement and survey, but we are getting close to owning a piece of land for Vocare Ministries! Stay tuned…

Land Search

We are currently in the process of purchasing 10-20 acres of land so we can begin our programs. We will use this land to conduct discipleship training, Farming God’s Way training, vocational training, business training, and servant leadership training. We have looked at one 17 acre piece of land that may suit our needs, but […]