One of the ways that Vocare Ministries intends to empower Ugandan men to meet their own needs is through vocational training. We will teach men job skills that he can use to support his family financially. We will teach him business skills and leadership skills so he can take his newly learned vocation and operate a business. Empowering a man to be able to provide for his family and send his own kids to school by giving him an avenue to income is sustainability.


We are starting with Farming God’s Way as one of the vocations because farming is so prevalent here, the program is already developed and successful, and it has a discipleship aspect built into the program. We will add additional vocations in the future, such as small engine repair, carpentry, welding, and others that are secure and can provide a good salary. The idea would be to teach them farming and one additional job skill. Most people here farm even if they are working somewhere else, even if it is to provide food for their own family.


Klint has attended Farming God’s Way training in the capital city of Kampala and has been operating a demonstration plot in a nearby village of Njeru. A friend has allowed him to utilize a small portion of his land to do one demonstration plot. This land has been such a blessing because it is on a busy road and everyone wants to know why he is not farming in the traditional ways. It has given him the opportunity to share the methods of Farming God’s Way with a great number of people. He has even told people that if their maize turns out better than his maize, they can teach him how to farm using their methods. If his is better, they have to learn how to farm using Farming God’s Way. You can read more about his experiences here.